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Raquel Ramos



With 20 years of experience in PR and journalism, Raquel was in charge of launching and setting the strategic implementation in Spain of brands like MySpace and Zumba. Over the last seven years she has been leading VIACOM PR team and coordinating campaigns for entertainment companies such as EMI Music, SONY Music and Live Nation. During her years as a journalist, she created and directed several TV formats for MTV and Canal + in London and Madrid and was a regular contributor for Rolling Stone magazine among other tittles, interviewing over 500 celebrities all over the world.

Guillermo Cabrera


Head of Audiovisual Production

Guillermo Cabrera runs Freshwave Production Media, Forward´s audiovisual partner. He has a passion for high-tech gear and new technology and has an extensive background in international TV production, sport TV, videojournalism and corporate videography. After working all around the world he has settle back in Spain and stablished his own company offering a comprehensive  media production solutions. Some of the companies that have already try Freshwave Production services are: BBC, CNN, International Olimpic Commitee, Mercedes Benz, UEFA, IBM.

Forward Agencia de comunicación Guillermo Cabrera
Indira Bellido


Account Executive

She specializes in public relations work for culture, lifestyle and entertainment clients. She has developed communication actions and press office for mass events related to the world of entertainment such as Bollywood Awards or the Iris Awards of the Television Academy. In the art sector, she has collaborated in two editions of Madrid Paper Week. In addition, she has experience working with clients from the musical area, with artists such as Los Vivancos or the concert promoter Heart of Gold. During these years she has developed her career in journalism field, collaborating with media such as the magazines Dirigentes or Yo Dona, a work that continues today.

Roberto Estrella


SEO and Digital Media Specialist

Although he studies Industrial Design at Santiago de Chile University, his career has been built around Social Media, online reputation and publicity for companies and associations. He is been developing his skills in Germany and Spain for the last 15 years working on marketing campaigns for several communication projects. “My design background next to my experience in diferent countries and projects  set me in a position were I clearly embrace bussiness needs, social networking and image. Comunication is all, images and where to be online is key”.